How Online Contests Can Help Establish a Brand and Widen its Market

The Internet has become a global marketplace for businesses that utilize it to establish their brand and acquire more customers. With the sudden boom of social media, it’s no surprise that sites like Facebook and Twitter have become vital marketing tools. They allow the business, no matter how big or small, to establish an online presence that allows for direct engagement and communication with their consumers and target audiences.

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In addition to having a website that provides information, using social media allows both the business and its consumers to interact with each other in a more dynamic way. The business can instantly post company news, announcements, photos, articles, and other company or product updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and consumers can then comment on them, immediately send complaints or feedback, and engage in direct conversation. Furthermore, social media platforms are also being used by most businesses as an effective method for hosting an online contest.

According to an article on Mashable by Ben Pickering, entrepreneurs should take advantage of online contests. “Contests are certainly not the answer to every marketing challenge,” writes Pickering, “but they should be part of every social media marketer’s toolkit.” The article enumerates four main reasons why social media is significant in marketing: (1) to widen the fan base; (2) to engage the audience; (3) to gain more information and insights about the consumers; and (4) to further market the business through word-of-mouth advertising.

Managing online contests may be a complicated endeavor because there are a lot of things to consider, such as coming up with mechanics that are in line with Facebook rules and guidelines, for instance. There is, however, available software for online contest management provided by companies such as Skild that can make the process easier and hassle-free.

Online contests can be a great way to spread the word about your business and to draw more traffic on your Facebook (through ‘likes’) and Twitter (through ‘follows’) pages. Mashable says:

“Like other tools, contests can be extremely effective when used as part of a comprehensive social media strategy. Any consumer facing organization, as well as many business-to-business enterprises, can take advantage of contests to realize the four benefits highlighted above.”

In the past few years, social media has proven to be one of the strongest digital platforms for businesses to market and advertise their products and services. When utilized in the right way, these platforms can help a business grow and establish its brand in the global market.


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