Online Contest Ideas: A Part of Every Company’s Marketing Arsenal

With the steadily growing popularity of the Internet being used as a global marketplace, most businesses have made or are making the transition into the social media world. Marketing strategies exist on cyberspace and are becoming more dynamic, allowing for better engagement and increased participation of prospective and current consumers.

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Social media in particular has become such a vital marketing and advertising tool for businesses. Not only does it allow for engaging and creative content, it also paves the way for a direct and clear communication process. Furthermore, it presents more opportunities for the company to take advantage of other marketing schemes such as coming up with viral videos, campaign ads, and fresh contest ideas for the online community.

An online contest on a social media page can be a highly efficient way to engage consumers, especially if the concept is unique and fun. It can attract potential customers and strengthen the engagement and loyalty of existing customers. Thus, it can be a way to build and widen the business’ fan base—especially because online contests can inspire consumers to spread the word about the contest and, by extension, the company.

An effective online contest idea may vary from business to business, depending on the industry. Whatever strategy they choose to undertake, Ben Pickering of Mashable advises businesses that it is important to thoroughly understand the target market and audience.

“Too often I’ve seen a clever promotional concept that is not well aligned with desired outcomes or simply doesn’t resonate with the consumer. Acknowledge the assets and limitations you have to work with. It is important to understand your audience and what you expect from them. It is also important to think about the appropriate channel for engagement, whether it be on your brand site or blog, a Facebook Page, Twitter, etc.”

Moreover, contest mechanics should be easy enough to follow and understand to avoid confusion among participants. Communication with participants is essential to build rapport and establish an open dialogue about the contest and the company itself. Online contests may be quite difficult to conduct, but the help of online contest management software designed by leading companies like Skild can ease the process.


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