Planning and Contest Management Software: Hosting an Online Contest

Having an online contest is a great way to market your business, or to simply get the word out about something that your organization promotes, whether it’s an event, a charity, or a mission. While the potential is high to become viral thanks to social media and the enticing nature of games and competition, the road to hosting the best online contest is paved with a lot of planning and hard work.

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Below are some tips:

Software Help

Look for reliable contest management software to help you develop your contest from the planning stage all the way to the execution. Established firms like Skild should be able to help you set up your goals for the contest and translate the purpose of it into an efficient software design that clearly demonstrates these goals and your projected outcomes.

Goals and Themes

You should make a rough draft of how you want your contest to go based on your set goals; because this should help you plan more efficiently and weigh the success of your entire endeavor. You should also focus on building your contest around a theme which people care about and are interested in, so as to ensure a large number of participants.

The Format
Next, look into which format you want your contest to have. An article from puts summarized why:

The type of contest you choose may have more to do with your personal preference than anything else, unless you can find performance data showing which style works best. You could have drawings, sweepstakes, essay contests, treasure hunts, or criteria based contests that offer rewards for a certain number of blog posts, comments, or recruited subscribers.

Publicity and Interactivity Counts

Make your contest revolve around prizes that are actually “worth having” to the bulk of your participants, otherwise you may not have the draw, or even enjoy the competition. Moreover, you should also let the users drive the contest by making it as interactive as possible. Turn it into a judging-by-vote contest, or allow people to comment in on submitted work.

Everything from the contest application process to the awarding should go as smoothly as it can for your online contest to be truly noteworthy. Having a dependable software to help you along is also a great helping hand to drive you toward hosting an excellent contest that showcases exactly what you intend it to showcase.


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