How to Run a Successful Online Contest through Social Networking Sites

The debate over whether online marketing methods are more effective than traditional methods remains to be a strong one. However, it can’t be denied that businesses have a good chance of reaching out to more of their target customers through social networking sites like Facebook, who offer a global reach. Launching a contest on such a platform is also effective for growing one’s fanbase, as Ashley Poland writes for

Facebook Contest

While Facebook’s page terms make creating a contest on your page difficult, the potential benefits can far outweigh the complications. Ben Pickering of Mashable notes how you can grow your fan base—he cites an example of a page going from under 50 fans to over 1,000 as a result of a well-executed contest. The effectiveness of such a promotion depends entirely on how you run your contest and what you have to offer.

Growing Fanbase
Make sure you’re giving away a prize that’s going to interest your fans and drive people toward your page. The most obvious reason to run a contest on Facebook is to draw more fans (and likes) by giving something away. As more people pick up on your contest, word of mouth spreads—especially if your contest offers a social component for more entries, such as tweeting or sharing your link.

With over one billion active users, Facebook is widely considered an ideal social networking site for any business looking to launch an online contest. Users can easily share the contest terms and details with their Facebook friends, who can then spread word about the contest to an even wider circle. Such a scenario increases awareness about the contest as well as the company’s products and/or services.

Whether a company decides to launch a photo, video, or essay competition on Facebook, several key points must be addressed to ensure that the contest is managed well. Among other things, every contest should adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission. In addition, all entries must be properly accounted for. The right competition management software allows companies to keep track of all entries submitted to ensure that the outcome is fair and accurate.

Businesses need to adapt to the fast-evolving online marketing landscape and they must stay abreast of the ever-changing rules and regulations. An innovative contest platform developer like Skild makes it easy for contest organizers to configure, deploy, monitor, and manage user-friendly online contests that are sure to generate buzz and sustain customers’ interest.

(Article Excerpt and Image from The Advantages of Facebook Contests,


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