Exciting Contest Ideas that Test the Creative Skills of Participants

Thanks to ongoing advances in technology, businesses find it easier to run contests online. Still, one should carefully consider every aspect of a contest, from the mechanics to the actual platform, to ensure success. In any case, the best contest ideas are those that unleash participants’ creativity and test their skills, as Sandra Grauschopf writes in About.com.

Enter Skill Contest

Contests Let You Unleash Your Creativity—Many of us have a creative side that we may not use in our daily lives. Skill contests give us the chance to unleash our passion and to express ourselves. You might be surprised at just how much fun you have with your entries.

Contests Give You the Chance to Hone Your Skills—While most of us would love to be better photographers, better writers, better cooks, we oftentimes don’t have enough of a reason to really practice and develop these skills. Contests give you the motivation to stretch your talents, and the feedback to see where you can improve. Even when you don’t win, by comparing your efforts to your competitors, you can see what other people did right, and use that information to make your next entry even better.

Essay contests, which are popular within academic circles, often attract a lot of entries as they may also offer one-year scholarships or internships with reputable institutions on top of cash prizes. Photo and video contests are likewise popular contest ideas. However, a business that wishes to break out of the mold might want to explore a more out-of-the-box idea for contests. Take, for instance, a leading potato chip manufacturer that asked contest participants to come up with a new flavor of potato chips.

Contest organizers would do well to remember that every contest should remain relevant to the company’s products and/or services. A beauty brand, for instance, would confuse participants by asking them to write essays about how much they love cupcakes. In other words, the contest theme should be in line with what the brand is all about.

The challenge also lies in being able to replicate the success of previous contests and promotions, particularly for companies that intend to hold contests on a regular basis. Luckily, a reputable contest platform management developer like Skild can create custom solutions that allow contest organizers to tweak previous contest formats so they don’t have to totally start from scratch each time.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Top 5 Reasons to Enter Skill Contests, About.com)


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