Compelling Reasons to Use a Robust Online Contest Management Platform

Countless companies host competitions with rather attractive awards or prizes as part of their ongoing promotional strategies. Not all contests, however, are successful. It takes a lot of marketing and media savvy, as well as attention to detail, to launch a successful online contest that can build brand awareness, generate new leads, and boost revenue.

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These days, with a growing number of consumers spending time online, it certainly makes a lot of business sense to spread awareness about your contest through social media channels. Contest Watchers shares the following tips when using social media to promote any contest on a global scale:

Twitter and Facebook can make your contest a lot more popular and that’s why you need to consider using them. It may be a little more time consuming, taking care of several social profiles at once, but you should look on the bright side – it’s a lot of fun. It gets even better when you start getting feedback from contestants or random fans who want to help and spread the word about your contest.

StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicios [sic], Reddit, use all of these websites and reach your audience.

But be careful! It’s very easy to cross the line and turn the news about your contest into spam. Don’t just publish news on every social media out there. Try to benefit from the unique features of these websites.

Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, also emphasizes the need to keep contest mechanics as simple as possible and to provide form fields that allow you to collect customer information in a secure manner during the signup stage. Meanwhile, ModCloth co-founder Susan Koger points out the importance of measuring the success of any contest in terms of customer participation.

These things underscore the necessity of an online contest management platform that streamlines back-office functions, keeps customer data secure, and is easy to use and configure. The ideal contest management platform should also allow you to tweak prior contest templates in case you plan to carry out similar contests throughout the year. Furthermore, you need the kind of contest management tool that lets you produce detailed and accurate reports on all aspects of the competition so you can monitor and measure your success.

Before launching an online contest, you might want to get in touch with a trusted solutions provider such as Skild that has worked with organizations across various industries.

(Article Information and Image from How to Organize Successful International Contests?, Contest Watchers)


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