Business Contests 101: Why Hiring Online Platform Designers is Wise

The use of social media platforms has become a part of daily life. Ask around and you’re sure to have family, friends, and acquaintances who have accounts on major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The latter, although not quite as popular as the former, is still notable for having nearly 555 million registered users worldwide, with around 135,000 new ones signing up every day (as of May, 2013).

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What can businessmen like you do with such information? Every business needs customers to profit and grow, and the sheer number of potential customers on Twitter gives you the chance to spread awareness of the products and services you offer. You can do this by designing promos and contests with the help of a good contest platform and holding them on Twitter; for that, Francisco Rosales of Social Mouths gives some solid advice:

Establish Objectives

First things first: What do you want to accomplish with the contest? Having a clear goal from the start will get you focused on the important things. Don’t launch your contest without it, how are you going to determine if it was successful at the end? Or if it’s worth doing it again? Here are some examples:

  • Get some initial traffic to a new website or blog.
  • Spread the word on a new product/service.
  • Increase number of subscribers or traffic on your blog.
  • Get more followers.

Also, be as specific as possible. If you are looking to have more followers for example, establish how many.

Having a goal gives both you and potential participants something to aim for, and there’s also a good chance of you getting more followers than you intended. Among your next steps will be to have a truly enticing prize in mind; to be clear about the contest mechanics; to use hashtags to stay in touch with online reactions to the contest; and to make sure word of your contest is spread, typically via retweeting.

If all these collectively seem like too tall an order—don’t panic; this is where online contest platform designers such as those from established companies like Skild can help. Such professionals will sit down with you, go through every last detail of your Twitter contest, and swiftly, yet efficiently bring those details to life. You get none of the stress of trying to manage the contest yourself—and all of the fun and excitement.

(Article Information and Image from How To Run Successful Contests On Twitter, SocialMouths)


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