Inspiring Innovative Healthcare Concepts through an Online Contest

If there is any industry or field of practice that must never remain sedentary or stunted, it’s healthcare. Thankfully, with the rise of the Internet and its favorite platform, social media, organizations and business enterprises involved in the healthcare industry will never run out of ideas. In fact, an effective online contest is one of the leading ways in which new ideas can be acquired by forward-thinking companies.

Health Care

A news article from Twin Cities Business provides a clear example of how the Internet can be utilized as a tool to drive positive change through an online competition:

Minneapolis-based Target Corporation has launched a contest for innovators, entrepreneurs, and other individuals to develop ideas that address pressing health care issues that the retailer may then implement in its stores and on its website.

The Target Simplicity Challenge is two-fold: One category is for ideas that promote a positive lifestyle and preventative measures, and another is for ideas that help individuals with chronic conditions.

Target spokeswoman Erin Conroy told Twin Cities Business that this is the first contest the retailer has launched in the health care realm. […]

Conroy said that once the contest has ended, Target will discuss the feasibility of implementing the ideas with the winners. If Target is unable to bring the idea to life, she said, the hope is that it would appear elsewhere in the health care industry.

Target solicited votes through their contest’s official website until Dec. 9, and named two grand prize winners by January.

Running an online healthcare contest may seem like a tedious task – but not if you use customized contest management software developed by established companies such as Skild. Professional. Together with these contest organizers, you can turn a potentially lengthy online competition project into a piece of cake.

(Article Information and Image from Target To Award $50K In Health Care Idea Contest, Twin Cities Business, September 10, 2013)


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