Eureka! How to Come Up with New and Creative Online Contest Ideas

Online competitions can do wonders for the sales and popularity level of a business establishment or organization, especially if the contest was based on a fresh concept and carried out with the help of an effective management software. It’s quite unfortunate, however, that great online contest ideas don’t come very easily. Thus, here are some tips that might get your creative juices flowing:

Great Ideas

Change Your Environment
Sometimes when your thoughts are at an impasse, it may not be about you – it could be where you are. An article from explains the role of one’s environment in the generation of ideas:

[…] great ideas come from external stimulation and non-work experiences. Every day you should be doing things that generate ideas passively.

Can’t think of a name for your latest project? Then stop looking through synonyms online and go somewhere like a grocery store or market. Places with many colors, smells, and people will get your creativity flowing.

Whenever you feel stuck and can’t think of great ideas, change your environment.

Write Them Down
Once a good idea for contests hits you, don’t let it slip away. Grab a pen and paper, a post-it, your smartphone, or a planner, and start to document it right away. Who knows? You may already have a gem in your hands, and you wouldn’t want to trust your occasionally faulty memory to hold it.

Finally, take note that a brilliant online contest idea will be useless if not executed properly. It would do you well to utilize a customized competition management software from leading companies like Skild to ensure that everything goes as planned, from the submission of entries to the announcement of winners.

(Article Information and Image from Where Do Great Ideas Come From? (Hint: Not Where You Think), Fizzle)


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