Do You Have a Winner? Importance of Using Online Contest Software

Are online competitions really effective in promoting one’s business? An excerpt from an article in gives a clear answer:

Online Contest

An online contest can be a great way to drive traffic to your blog, grow your Facebook or Twitter followers, increase your email subscriber list, get leads, or achieve just about any other goal you’re hoping to achieve online.

But it also does more than that. While you may be able to quantify certain results of your contest (number of new email subscribers, for example), the larger impact is that it increases customer retention, drives word of mouth about your business, highlights the fact that your company has a fun side, and basically just improves your brand’s image in the community. Not bad for something that’s really incredibly easy to do.

So how do you go about setting up a contest, and what should the contest be?

With the many benefits that an online contest can provide for your business, now is the best time for you to start coming up with creative contest ideas and then carry them out with the help of reliable contest software from leading companies like Skild.

Why is a contest software necessary?
Running an online contest involves several steps. From establishing basic contest parameters, organizing entries, judging, to monitoring progress, an online competition software will be able to keep you and the rest of your team right on track. Everything you need to know about your contest is in one place – at your fingertips.

Choosing a Software
With several options available, you can narrow down your choices by considering a how a software can save you time, energy, and other resources. When you consult a software provider, you have to ask about the features of their program and determine if they have the solutions you need. At the very least, their software must allow for custom branding and make assigning judges, managing entries, and winner selection all the more convenient.

(Article Information and Image from How to Run an Online Contest to Promote your Home Performance Business, Energy Circle)


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