Contest Management Software: Anyone Now Can Host Online Competitions

With the explosion of social media platforms to keep online followers hooked, businesses have turned to social media competitions to retain audience engagement. Running a contest, after all, is a great tool to reel in “fans” and keep them interested, as well as obtain useful feedback from a wider community of consumers.

Perfect Social Media

Launching an online competition, however, is not a as easy as it appears, although that it is how your consumers should feel when they begin the interface. Contest management software should be simplified precisely because of the complex dynamics involved in designing and executing social media matches. Jay Baer, in his quest to create a perfect social media contest, highlights the importance of seeding strategy:

This applies to the pre-launch and launch phases of your social media contest, and is where you figure out how to give your promotion the best chance of lift-0ff in the critical early days of the promotion. What you’re trying to do here is make sure that the people who already love you, and the people who have disproportionate number of social connections are fully aware of the contest and are ready to participate and spread the word the minute the promotion begins. [……] You do not want to “soft launch” a contest, especially on Facebook where the algorithm dictates that slow starters get buried.

Facebook has since modified its service terms to enable companies to host promotional activities on their timeline. An effective contest app will help you manage your contest while traffic to your page increases. Whether you’ve decided on a photo contest application, or an app to add pictures and videos as part of entry mechanics, your contest apps will reflect what you need to get things moving.

To set up the perfect contest, you’ll need a software package to help you build and manage your data collection. Consult with experts like Skild, an established company that provides software service for professional contest organizers. Many of these software apps have been designed to be adaptable and easy enough to use so that anyone with the passion to get people engaged can develop and host contest promotions from beginning to end.

(Article Information and Image from 13 Ingredients in the Perfect Social Media Contest,


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