Business Contests: How to Make it a Win-Win Situation for All Involved

Running a business contest is no easy feat. With an onslaught of contest applications, not to mention a close monitoring of the online voting results, each contest requires stellar backend support.

Super Bowl

Small and large businesses are entering the contest realm on many levels. This includes larger businesses vying for smaller business awareness. reports that a software tools seller is sponsoring a promotion called Small Business, Big Game. According to Elizabeth Blair’s story:

It’s giving a professionally produced ad during the Super Bowl to the small business with, among other things, the most votes and the most inspiring story. Intuit says some 15,000 small businesses entered the contest, from an organic ice cream truck in Los Angeles to a pet spa in Ashburn, VA. Call it American Idol for little entrepreneurs.

With so much at stake, especially on the reputation of the company holding the contest, those who would like to hold promotional events like this, no matter the size, should therefore seek the help of service providers, like Skild, that offer a reliable platform for business competitions. That way, not only do they make good press for their brand, they also could show their reliability as a company.

Business contests are a great way to get creative innovations. As with the Super Bowl ad contest, the prizes should be a great incentive for many people to join. With a well-run competition, there’s nothing to lose but everything to gain for all parties involved.

(Article and Image Excerpt from “In the Super Bowl Ad Game, One Small Business Will Win Big,”, 24 January 2014).


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