When Online Contest Videos Encourage You to “Roll Camera, Action!”

The proliferation of social media platforms over the past 12 years has opened more opportunities for people to express their creativity. The activation of YouTube in early 2005 also brought about chances for marketing gurus to get more of the good word out there. When you want to create more awareness of a product or service, you can do so with a video-based online contest through the support of providers like Skild.

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Many companies aim to reach out to new and existing customers through a variety of marketing strategies. Megan O’Neill of the Social Times focuses on one particular aspect:

If your company doesn’t have any branded video on the web and you want to build an online video presence quickly, one of the fastest ways to get started building a buzz around your brand is by hosting an online video contest. An online video contest can get you tons of great video content, free promotion, and a shining reputation on the social web for little or no cost. Sounds good, eh?

A video contest can be fleshed out like an ordinary promotion or raffle, but with finesse and grasp of technology. Think of the theme and what you want your contestant/customers to do. Your theme can help them bring out their creative juices and you sweeten the pot by outlining the prizes they can win, thereby giving them an incentive to sign up.

Awareness is everything when running an online video contest. In this respect, O’Neill says you can set up rules that require using official company materials; one example, a sports drink promo, is to actually show you with a sample bottle. The initial video announcing the contest may see the business owner talking a bit about the promotion and include prompts to visit the website for the official rules.

With the potential market for your product or service practically getting bigger through the power of the Internet, you need to step your game up in bringing in the customers. Competition management specialists such as Skild are potent allies to have in this challenge.

(Source: How a Video Contest Can Help Your Brand Go Viral, Social Times, February 1, 2011)


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