Drumming up Solutions from your Team’s Box of Awesome Contest Ideas

Competition is ingrained in many Americans’ psyches in an effort to drive them to try harder in order to win. Every professional field you think of will have that push to be the best, especially when being top dog carries a hefty reward in the process. To that end, your business’ marketing team can use original contest ideas–or let companies such as Skild help you get through with proven ideas.

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Every once in a while, a company runs a contest to further stimulate their customer and client base. As Wendy Kenny of the Phoenix Small Business Examiner points out:

Contests are a fun and inexpensive way to build buzz for your business. Everyone loves to win great prizes, especially prizes that they wouldn’t normally give themselves, or are worth a lot of money. The media loves contests too, and if you do it right, your company can garner thousands of dollars in free advertising just by running a contest!

The keys to running a successful contest are to make it easy for people to enter, make it newsworthy, have valuable prizes, (you can enlist other business owners to go in with you), spread the word, and make it fun! And don’t forget to check the laws in your state before running a contest.

The type of contest your company will run will have to be something different every time, but it can include tried-and-tested mechanics with little twists for some freshness. The current season and any community events can dovetail into the general concept for the contest, especially when you want to link your product or service to the promotion. For example, Kenney says a “Free Giveaway” contest is a proven winner because many people jump at the chance to take home something for buying a sponsored item.

A simple idea contest may also work when you’re putting the word out for improvements or other related material to an existing or new product. Kenney said a name game can encourage customers to send their names, with the winner having a free sample of the new product.

(Source: 27 creative contest ideas that will get your business free publicity, Examiner)


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