Managing Social Media Contests Through a Reliable Contest Platform

Contests are a good way to spread awareness about pressing issues, such as the rise of distracted driving among citizens. Recently, multiple state government agencies in Indiana have used the social media sites Twitter, Instagram, and Vine as the venue to launch such a contest.

ISP Hosting $5k Social Media Contest

Stacey Page Online gives a brief run-down on the “Drive Now. TXT L8R.” contest that would run from April 1 to 30, 2014. The contest is open to all high school and college students in the state—something highly appropriate as many of those prone to texting while driving are in this age group.

While the contest is indeed commendable for its intentions and scope, one can only imagine the logistical challenge of managing such a competition. Indiana has about 500,000 7th to 12th grade students alone. If the number of college students is added to the equation, the idea of running the contest becomes very daunting indeed, especially when lacking the help of a dependable contest platform and software like the one provided by Skild, Inc.

True, it is foolhardy to assume that all of the students will be participating, but any responsible event manager would take such possibility into account anyway. Indeed, contest management is easier said than done, because it has multiple moving parts to coordinate. Most important among these components is the organization and allocation of the resources needed to run a contest.

While social media contests don’t necessarily require physical venues for the competition, an expectedly enormous amount of network traffic has to be managed. Additionally, contest organizers have to keep tabs on most, if not all, online activities generated by the contest, such as monitoring those who are interested in joining, those who have spread word of the contest, and so on. While allocating manpower for the tasks can cover this, a program that can perform the same functions is definitely a more efficient investment.

This isn’t even considering the marketing aspect of contest management; people won’t join a contest if they don’t know it exists in the first place. Thankfully, PR campaigns for social media contests are much easier to organize, because the same tools used to manage the contests (i.e. social sites) can also be employed to disseminate information about the events.

What can be difficult to manage is the amount of feedback that such campaigns generate, as information from these feedback can alter the course of the contest. A reliable competition platform, like that offered by Skild, Inc., addresses this concern by automatically collating and monitoring such feedback, with little to no manual effort from the contest organizers.

“Drive Now. TXT L8R.” can definitely benefit from such platforms; it has plenty of Internet-savvy kids to deal with!

(Source: ISP Hosting $5K Social Media Contest, Stacey Page Online, March 4, 2014)


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