Avoid a Shut Down by Facebook: Excellent Contest Software Can Help

Facebook is not a freedom wall where you can post any type of promotion as you please. It is a well-regulated website that observes and upholds copyright protection and privacy laws, fair use of account features, and globally recognized ethical standards. In fact, it runs a detection program that spots and shuts down promotions, or even accounts, groups, or pages that breach its policy.

4 mistakes That will get your facebook contest shut down

Therefore, individuals and organizations attempting to promote a business through a contest must carefully go over Facebook’s policies and ensure that no provisions are violated. The following excerpt from an article in AllFacebook.com details the possible mistakes that contest organizers may inadvertently make while including Facebook in their contest mechanics:

Ignoring Facebook’s guidelines.

Plenty of contests get shut down because whoever is hosting them doesn’t pay attention to Facebook’s guidelines. They model their contests on what one of their favorite brands or local retailers has done. For example, they see a contest that says, “Write a caption for this photo. The funniest entry will win ______________” and they decide to do the same thing. On the face of it, this seems like a simple contest, but if you host a contest like this and Facebook’s automated systems detect it, your page could be banned or deleted.

Breaking local, state, national, or international laws.

In some states or regions, prizes that are worth a certain dollar amount (which varies by region or state) may have to be bonded, meaning that the contest host must take out a sort of insurance policy to guarantee that the prize actually exists.

The grey areas in Facebook promotional guidelines don’t just cover contests that use Facebook as their platform. Promotions on other websites may include visiting or liking a certain Facebook page as contest entry requirement; these actions may be detected by Facebook’s monitors, and can therefore impact the Facebook account.

Contests that run via a different platform but link to a Facebook page or account may be shut down if found noncompliant with Facebook’s guidelines. To avoid such a risk, it is important to properly set-up and monitor an online contest, and make sure nothing even suggesting a violation of Facebook’s rules takes place. Excellent contest software can help companies with the design, setup, and monitoring of a contest that will help avoid Facebook violations while taking advantage of the social media site’s benefits.

Likewise, it would be beneficial to seek the services of a trusted online contest management firm like Skild, Inc. A service company with a collection of success stories through their high-end competition software and programs can provide their valuable expertise and knowledge to ensure the success of a contest, including one that involves the mechanisms of Facebook.

(Source: 4 Mistakes That Will Get Your Facebook Contest Shut Down, AllFacebook.com)


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