Automate Your Contest Ideas with the Help of a Contest Management Firm

Companies hold contests for their employees for a variety of reasons. Some contests are created to tap into ideas for streamlining business operations or launching new ad campaigns, while others are designed to give people a break from their routines and enhance efficiency. Contests can even be used to lift employee morale when the company can’t afford to give raises.

Healthy Eating

One of the most popular contest ideas that employers come up with these days is an employee wellness challenge. This type of contest comes with multiple measurable benefits: reduced tardiness, absenteeism, healthcare costs, and workers’ compensation claims; and improvement of employee health and fitness, productivity, morale, and public relations, among other things. Jerry Painter, contributor for, offers a few employee wellness challenges that you can develop for your company:

Start Walking

Ask your employees to walk a mile a day around your office or building. Keep a log of miles accrued and reward the top walkers with certificates of recognition as “Top Walkers.”

Start Climbing

Stairwells are an excellent resource for wellness contests. Start a “Climb 10,000 Steps” stair-a-thon challenge. The winner becomes the “Stair Master.”

Nutrition Contests

Build a “Give Up Pre-Sweetened Beverages for Two Weeks” contest and let your employees see how significantly those drinks add calories to their diet. Let the winner choose a healthy lunch for the next business meeting.

Take a Break

Try a “Corporate Calmness” contest by challenging workers to find 10 minutes every day to close their eyes and breathe deeply. Challenge departments to see how many employees attend stress relief classes and provide rewards to the winners.

In the end, you want your contest to be fun, fair, and operated within the boundaries and spirit of the company. You may run your contest with the best of intentions, but discrepancies and errors aren’t going to be a defensible excuse in the eyes of your employees. Therefore, you need to be accurate with your system. One way to enhance your contest’s accuracy is to automate it.

Companies hold contests and awards all the time, but surprisingly, most of these programs are still operated manually. A contest management tool can help you facilitate contest operation, which simplifies overall management exponentially. For help in automating your company’s idea for a contest, talk to contest management experts like those at Skild.

(Source: Wellness and Weight-Loss Contest Ideas for Employees, SFGate)


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