Dynamic Contest Software and Other Tips for Successful Online Contests

Many corporations and awards programs are making it a point to integrate their contests with the Internet—and for good reason. According to researchers, there are roughly 2,405,518,376 Internet users worldwide, a number that is surely growing with each passing day. With such a large number of potential participants, it is no wonder that online contests are now the way to go.


However, running an online contest is not as simple as announcing the contest mechanics over Facebook or Twitter. It still takes thorough planning to organize a successful contest. If you want to increase the efficiency of your online contest and generate a massive buzz, here are a few tips:

Creativity Central

The beauty of an online contest is that it allows the creativity and passion of your participants to be seen by the rest of the world—and let’s be honest: we all crave a little recognition. Tap into this and center your contest on promoting the creativity of local talents.

Weighted Votes

With the evolution of the Internet, many contests are now decided by online voting. However, public voting should be weighted in order to level the playing field. This is exactly what the Freddie Awards does with its online voting program:

The annual “Freddie” awards recognize the world’s top airline and hotel loyalty programs. The awards are determined by votes from frequent fliers and hotel patrons, recognizing five “best of” categories for both airlines and hotels in each of three global regions.

The awards employ a scoring system weighted to balance high-scoring votes against a simple quantity of votes. In doing so, Freddie organizers say the loyalty program of a smaller airline or hotel chain is able to be judged more fairly against bigger programs that can mobilize a large number of voters.

Contest Platform

If you decide to add public voting as a criterion for the overall score, you need to be able to process the voting efficiently and in real-time, which can be rather difficult for even an entire team of people. Using reliable award software can help you keep track of all votes, as well as voting patterns and other metrics to help you preserve the integrity of your contest.

Save yourself the trouble of having to run every aspect of your contest manually. Efficient contest software like the one developed by Skild, Inc. can help free up time for organizers to handle other important matters like registration, answering contestant inquiries, and judging. This way, you can actually enjoy your contest as much as your participants do.

(Source: And the world’s top frequent-flier awards go to…; USA Today; April 25, 2014)


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