Organizing an Online Contest with Video Entries for Brand Awareness

Businesses of any size or status need to keep up with the tides to continually increase brand awareness. One way to do this is to establish a strong online presence, both through the business website and on social media. These days, a lot of businesses hold online video contests to achieve this goal.

Industry News

When organizing a promotional online contest that involves video entries, important factors such as participants and contest structure should be carefully considered. By keeping your target market and business objectives in mind, you can develop specific, advantageous strategies.


Direct your contest at the proper age group that is likely to find a multimedia contest rather irresistible: millennials. In an article for Business2Community, video marketer Hannah Brenzel points out that “millennials and self-expression go hand-in-hand.” By allowing millennial participants to display their skill and creativity, the brand can engage its target market more successfully.

Nielsen defines Millennials as those born between 1977 and 1995. This group makes up 24% of the U.S. population and according to Barkley, represents over $200 billion in annual purchasing power. Obviously, brands and marketers are looking to reach and engage this target market, and one way to do so is through online video contests. comScore reports that Millennials spend 48% more time watching online videos than the average Internet user, so brands that create video contests for YouTube, Vine, Instagram Video etc., typically see increased engagement and participation.

Video contests are an excellent way to increase awareness and engagement with your brand, especially among Millennials. Whether it’s on YouTube, Vine, Instagram Video or another video sharing site, video contests will not only add a human element to your brand, but they will also help to strengthen valuable consumer-brand relationships.

Contest Structure

Before anything else, determine the best way to hold the online video contest and concretely detail the contest rules. Come up with attractive incentives or prizes that are likely to encourage more participants to join. Aside from the traditional set of judges, allow the public (i.e. social media users) to vote for the best entries. You can even hold sweepstakes for these voters.

Aside from using social video sharing sites, you can seek solutions from a reputable online competition management provider like Skild, Inc. that offers a wide range of solutions such as customizable templates and analytics. This way, you can identify the most appropriate avenue, theme, and contest format that will effectively boost brand awareness.

(Source: How to Engage Millennials with Online Video Contests, Business2Community, May 22, 2014)


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