Nonprofits: Online Contest Ideas for Boosting Awareness and Donations

Are you looking to boost awareness and donations to your nonprofit? Then consider holding an online contest. With all the online and social media avenues you can tap, you can reach more people and further your cause. Since it provides an added thrill, an online contest can help spread the word about your nonprofit and consequently increase donations.

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Here are some online contest ideas a nonprofit should consider:

Philanthropic Promos

Encourage the public to participate in your cause by holding a contest involving social media likes and shares. Collect photo or video entries related to your cause, and let people vote for the best one. You can also hold a “sweepstakes” contest where you’ll randomly pick a winner from the people who liked or commented on your entries.

Words of Wit or Wisdom

Have participants use the power of words in catalyzing change. You could post a photo and encourage people to write their own captions or come up with an inspiring slogan in support of your cause. You can also collect brief essays on a specific issue where your nonprofit is highly involved. The winner receives an incentive and gets to contribute an article that your nonprofit can then use in blogs or magazines.

Special Considerations

An online fundraising contest would only work if the functions are optimized. Throughout the contest, you can make the donation process so much easier by providing links to a concise and easy-to-use donation forms. In an article for Business2Community, digital marketing professional Julia Campbell points out the importance of efficient and convenient donation processes.

Enough with the softly worded “Get Involved”, “Learn More”, “Sign Up” pages that have paragraphs and paragraphs of information on donating items or downloading an annual report.

Have a bold DONATE NOW button on your website, visible on all pages, that links to a one page, incredibly easy to use form where people can enter their credit card information to donate.

Online fundraising will only work if people are directed there when they are feeling most charitable. Use your email blasts, your social media channels, your direct mail pieces, your events and anywhere else you communicate with donors to let them know you now encourage online donations.

Finally, you might want to work with an online contest management provider such as Skild that allows you to hold successful idea contests using easily customizable contest templates, reports, and analytics. With these tools, you can engage your target audience, keep track of your progress, and see those donations increase.

(Source: 6 Ways Nonprofits Are Getting Online Fundraising All Wrong, Business2Community, May 22, 2014)


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