Online Contest Software Features that Aid Internet Marketing Efforts

Your internet marketing strategies should maximize the potential of social media. Aside from conventional social media optimization, you can hold online contests. As Business2Community contributor Jennifer Barry points out, holding social media contests is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.

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However, Barry cautions that contests should not take place solely on social media platforms. Rather, there should be a way to direct social media users to your website.

Social media is a great place to get people excited about your products. The fastest way to get people talking is to give things away. We’re certainly not fans of constant freebies, but a good contest brings new followers out of the woodwork. People who may have only been familiar with your brand in passing will definitely stop by if they have the chance to win valuable prizes.

To make the most of social traffic, be sure the contests refer buyers to your website. If the whole contest takes place within the social media platform, you may not see increased traffic at all. And if buyers never visit the first time, they won’t remember where to go once the dust from the contest settles.

Instead of purely relying on social media, you can use a third-party app to create and organize your contest. Cutting-edge online contest software equipped with useful features allows you to achieve internet marketing success by generating leads and engaging customers.

Custom Entry Forms

Use customizable forms that collect contact information for participants who wish to submit their entries. The data gathered lets you generate leads whom you can then add to your mailing list with their consent. You can also encourage more people to participate by allowing them to express their ideas through multimedia entries, which can boost exposure for your brand.

Scorecard Manager

Tally points for each entry with a technology-assisted scorecard manager to determine contest winner/s. The automated computations can assure participants about your impartiality when it comes to judging, especially for contests with community judges. By ensuring utmost transparency, you can build customer trust, increase your followers, and see sales conversions rise.

User Interface Designer

Use your own link or domain to properly direct traffic to your website with a customizable competition software from an online contest management provider like Skild, Inc. You can tweak the contest interface to represent your brand and appeal to your target social media users.

(Source: 14 Tips How Social Media Can Drive More Traffic To Your Website, Business2Community, May 12, 2014)


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