Why Your Social Media Contest Requires a Superior Contest Platform

Creating an engaging contest on social media can be an effective way for a company to reach its target market on what many consider to be the world’s largest focus group. However, many companies fall short of their goals when running such contests, and the reason often cited is inexperience. Without knowing how to run an effective contest, a lot of companies end up violating the social media platform’s terms or giving away expensive prizes in exchange for only a small amount of usable information.

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A social media contest is like any marketing tool—you need to know how to use it to achieve your desired goal. That said, it pays to work with a company that can create a contest platform for you that ensures you have all the information and reports you need to run your competition effectively. Along with working with such a company, here are three tips to make your social media contest more effective, courtesy of Mashable.com.

Have a Goal

So, what do you ultimately want out of your contests? In most cases the answer is money. That’s why you need to measure your actual ROI in terms of new leads or conversions from the contest. Other goals could include, conducting research, or revealing a new consumer base.

Develop a Target

Many social contests cast a wide net hoping to draw in as many people as possible. This is counterproductive because it forces the business to cater to an audience that either only cares about the prize or doesn’t really care at all. It is more effective to align a target audience to a specific goal and market the contest to them.

Pick the Right Prize

Most contests feature a prize that can best be described as shiny. Think the latest tablet, vacations, or just good old-fashioned money.

Once you have covered the above aspects, a competition platform specialist like Skild, Inc. can develop the competition software appropriate to your contest. The software can equip you with the infrastructure you need to manage your contest more effectively. With such a tool at your disposal, you can measure how well your contest is progressing and gauge how successfully it’s contributing to your business goals.

Yes, you can go launch a contest alone, but it pays to partner yourself with a company like Skild, Inc. By doing so, you can achieve the results you want out of your social media contest and get the most out of your investment.

(Source: 3 Tips for Effective Social Media Contests, Mashable)


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