Government Relies on Contest App Creators to Ensure Contest Success

Bureaucracy, taxes, inconvenience—these are words you’ll often hear people utter after dealing with government agencies. A lot of these institutions realize that this should not be the case, and are consequently seeking ways to enhance their public image.

In the quest for a solution, some agencies have discovered the benefits of launching contests. This represents a huge departure from the bureaucratic command-and-control style that people have come to know. Of course, it’s safe to say that these agencies aren’t going to abandon the traditional way of doing their jobs anytime soon. In any case, contests do offer a way to identify specific problems and use the information gathered to improve services, and in effect, public perception.

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Rachelle Chong of offers some tips on what type of contests work for government agencies:

Everyone Loves a Contest. Think about creative contests where people create a YouTube video to explain an aspect of your agency’s work with winners highlighted on your website and a prize for the first place winner. Or the user that tweets the most about your agency’s upcoming event on Twitter wins a prize or a chance to be in a raffle for free entry to the event. Hold a contest on Pinterest for the best pin of the most inspiring photo about your agency’s work; the winner is the person who got the most repins of the photo. Hold a treasure hunt of QR codes hidden at agency public spaces with a prize at the end. Hold an Instagram photo contest with a specialized hashtag and a deadline. Have some kind of prize and always highlight the best of the entries on your website and other social media outlets.

Granted, one can’t simply run a contest, select a winner, and expect it to automatically yield the desired results. The process takes time, effort, and a certain amount of trust in the audience. If well-planned and executed, however, the results can be worth it. Agencies can use the services of a contest management software creator like Skild, Inc. that can help manage a contest from start to finish.

Contests aren’t foolproof. If not carefully structured, and data is ineffectively harnessed, the results of a contest will end up having no practical value to the agency. By collaborating with a contest app designer like Skild, Inc., government agencies can maximize the results of any contest they wish to launch.

(Source: Chong: Eight Tips on How Government Agencies Can Draw Users in With Social Media,


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