Contest Marketing: Three Online Business Competitions You Can Consider

It’s no secret that these days, running a contest on social media platforms like Facebook is one of the best ways to gain brand exposure and increase social followers. People love to win contests and receive cool prizes, especially ones they can’t afford. The biggest benefit for you, though, is that everyone who enters your contest can be a prospect for your business.

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There are four keys to running a successful online business contest to market your brand: make it simple for people to enter, offer valuable prizes, make it newsworthy, and most of all, make it fun. For best results, work with a capable team of contest marketers like Skild, Inc. who can provide you with a software that makes it easier to manage your contest, as well as ensure that it doesn’t violate the social media platform’s terms.

Janet Meiners’ article for offers 7 Facebook contest ideas perfect for small businesses. Here’s a look at three of the most notable, with information on how companies and individuals used them effectively:

Run a photo contest

During the summer, pizza company Fresh Brothers runs contests using their mascot, the Slice (a giant slice of pizza). They tell fans where and when Slice will be at events, and if they snap a picture with the Slice and post it, they get a gift certificate as a thank you.

Ask fans to share their best tips

Hiatus Spa is running a “Be Green and Be Good; Earth Month 2011” Contest. They asked fans to share tips on how to use less resources through this Web page. The tip with the most unique comments and “likes” wins three Hiatus Spa services.

Collect your fan’s favorite quotes

Laura Ann Allahverdi is a Personal Life Coach who asked her fans to submit their favorite quotes. The person who got the most likes on their quote got a free session with Laura.

As far as Facebook contests go, these are only three of the many that you can use. There is a veritable pool of exciting business competitions to choose from; the possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your imagination. If you find it difficult to find the right contest format or the right kind of prizes to offer your contestants, companies like Skild, Inc. can help. With their expertise, they can help you identify who your target market is and how to get them lining up to enter your contest.

(Source: 7 Facebook Contest Ideas for Small Businesses,


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