Emergencies: Why a Reliable Contest Software is Vital for Your Event

Even with proper planning and a group of competent people working behind the scenes, a contest can still fall short of expectations due to unforeseen emergencies. The “Star On The Web Quarterly Winners Show” held in Meriden, Connecticut encountered is one such example of how things can go wrong at these events. Record-Journal correspondent Jeff Gebeau spoke with the contest’s founder and chief executive Stephen Nevard and wrote:

Online Talent Contest

The judging format for Monday’s competition was a bit different than it will be at the other quarterly shows, Nevard said. While judges make their initial pick based on the monthly winners’ video entries, they usually have the opportunity to reverse their decision on show night if they are sufficiently impressed by the live performance of a competitor.

However, none of the celebrity judges who were supposed to be part of Monday’s program could attend, so the only criteria used to evaluate contestants were their videos.

Fortunately for the contestants, their individual video performances sufficed and the event proceeded on normally. It is often possible for live performances to be judged, even if the judging panel itself is not present, simply by appointing temporary ones. This solution can be implemented with the help of reliable contest management software—such as those developed by Skild, Inc.—which could, among other things, assign new contest judges on the fly. In addition, the program itself allows event committees and organizers to keep each other in the loop.

This feature ensures that communication problems are avoided while the contest is underway. As far as event planning goes, messages can still be misinterpreted at inopportune moments, thereby resulting in delays and/or improper coordination. What started out as minor problems could snowball into something worse; for example, the wrong people could be announced as winners as a result of someone misunderstanding the judges’ instructions.

Delays, on the other hand, often ensue if certain things outside the organizers’ control manage to slip through the cracks. In such a scenario, contest committees need to manage both the audience’s and the participants’ expectations, as well as provide updates on possible workarounds and solutions. Skild’s online competition software, for example, can prove useful in this regard since it allows organizers to post updates through social networking sites like Facebook, thereby ensuring nobody is left in the dark.

Thanks to proper planning, the Star On The Web Quarterly Winners Show can push through with the next phase: a competition among the quarter finalists in January 2015. At any rate, contest organizers can avoid the same troubles by using the right management software to help them run things smoothly.

(Source: Contestants advance in online talent contest held in Meriden, Record-Journal, July 21, 2014)


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