Using a Contest Platform to Design and Manage Social Media Contests

Do you want to build a stronger social media presence for your business? You may want to hold a contest. Business2Community contributor Caleb Yen explains how social media contests can boost brand recognition. By attracting more followers and promoting interaction, for instance, a contest run on social networks can be an effective marketing tool.

However, any such contest requires proper planning and compliance with all relevant social media guidelines. Yen writes:

Social Media

You can’t do the same thing everywhere. And some platforms are better suited to particular kinds of contests. But the best (and, admittedly, most complicated) contests incorporate one or more of the platforms. A contest that start out on Facebook can branch to Twitter for fast-talking updates, or trek on over to Pinterest for some crazy creativity. Perhaps the contest launches on Facebook, but actually takes place on Pinterest. You can also use contests to drive traffic towards your website. Perhaps that is the main contest hub. You can even require followers to create an account on your website to vote.

In other words, you can’t rely on the social media interface alone, especially if you expect quite a number of participants or entries and if your parameters are rather numerous or complex. When concocting a game plan for your social media contest, you might want to use a customizable online contest platform that lets you design and manage each aspect of your contest with the utmost flexibility and personalization.

Map the contest with an app.
You can have more flexibility in terms of design when you use a third-party contest app instead of simply running a timeline contest. Professional contest designers can create a game or a step-by-step competition program that incorporates your brand’s logo, colors, images, and other custom elements.

Share updates using the software.
An advanced contest software also enables you to send timely and important information to participants and winners. You can issue the complete set of rules, real-time updates on the number of entries, deadline extensions for entries, the tally of the winners’ scores, etc. without much difficulty.

Don’t miss a chance for analysis.
With a structured competition platform, you can monitor the progress of your contest and analyze trends such as your follower demographic, the time and day when participants joined, etc. An established contest software developer, such as Skild, Inc., can set you up with these advantageous tools.

(Source: The Power of Social Media Contests, Business2Community, July 18, 2014)


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