The Facebook Business Contest: A Potent Restaurant Marketing Tool

These days, brick-and-mortar enterprises like restaurants can’t afford to rely solely on in-house promos and marketing tactics. These companies need to leverage digital strategies, particularly by boosting their social media presence. However, business owners frequently face one obstacle: What is an effective way to do this?

Facebook Page

“One way to market your restaurant is to run a contest or promotion, offering free food and prizes to visitors of your Facebook page,” suggests licensed professional counselor Anthony Oster. In an article for Chron, Oster provides valuable pieces of advice in running a Facebook contest—especially regarding the legal implications.

Decide if you will run a contest, sweepstakes or lottery. Lotteries involve paid entry and may be governed by state or local laws. Contests and sweepstakes both allow for free entry, although contests involve the demonstration of a skill, such as a trivia contest, while a sweepstakes awards winners based on chance.

While Facebook features cannot be used as a condition of enrollment, Facebook does allow promotions to require entrants to “like” a page or check in to a location to gain access to a promotion.

Facebook features such as “liking” or commenting on a post cannot be used as a voting mechanism.

Restaurant marketers typically hold business competitions to get feedback and encourage active public participation. The quickest and most convenient way for most people to join any contest is to vote, be it for their favorite meal or the most creative selfie taken within the restaurant. They can also express their thoughts on the brand’s offerings and services, or complete a phrase, like “I go to this restaurant whenever I’m [blank].”

Since some Facebook features may be off the table, restaurateurs can turn to competition design and management experts for guidance on creating a proper contest structure. The restaurant owner or manager can outline the specific goals of the project, such as getting more Facebook followers, or increasing delivery orders and foot traffic. From here, the client can determine the best contest type and mechanics.

If the marketers or organizers already have a contest idea in mind, they can refine and incorporate it into a business contest software. The contest parameters and details regarding the winner selection process should be identified down to the last detail and programmed into the contest platform. Professional consultants, designers, and technical support staff from a company like Skild, Inc. can provide the necessary expertise in these areas.

(Source: How to Run a Facebook Page Contest for Restaurant Marketing, Chron)


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