Convenience: Just One of the Advantages of Hosting an Online Contest

This year’s Ketton Fun Dog Show in Rutland, England was met with disaster not once, but twice. According to the Rutland Times, bad weather throughout August forced the organizer, Lauren Humbler, to postpone the competition a couple of times–a shame, given that last year’s event was a blast. Rather than cancel the entire event, however, Humbler went online and asked the participants to submit their entries through the Internet:

The show had been organised on to raise funds for Wansford-based Animal Helpline Dog Rescue, Greyhound Rescue and Labrador Rescue. Lauren was determined to support the charities so invited people to enter the six show categories by posting pictures of their dogs on Facebook and donating to a Just Giving page.

The response so far has been huge, with scores of people entering their dogs into one or more of six categories: Cutest Puppy, Golden Oldie, Prettiest Bitch, Most Handsome Dog, Best Rescue and A face only a mother could love.

While those involved remain hopeful that next year’s competition won’t be met by the same stroke of bad luck, the option to host an online contest is increasingly worth considering. For one thing, organizers and participants find online contests more convenient because they involve fewer resources and can be accessed at any time. In addition, online contests are not affected by bad weather, long travel times, rental fees, and other issues usually encountered at live events.

online contest launcher after ketton dog show is rained off

Skild’s contest management software, for instance, makes things smoother by enabling organizers to appoint judges, establish contest tiers, and monitor their contest on the fly with just a few clicks. This level of convenience also extends to data gathering, which is what organizers need to improve contest mechanics and workflow for future events. Every bit of information, from contest entries to website ‘hits’, is automatically gathered and processed, thereby providing contest committees with reliable information about a competition’s overall success.

Aside from choosing the right competition management software, organizers should also spread the word about the event through social networking sites and industry sites to boost participation among spectators and competitors. A contest platform such as Skild helps prevent this problem by enabling organizers to launch contest PR and marketing efforts easily using a convenient interface.

(Source: Online contest launched after Ketton dog show is rained off, Rutland Times, August 27, 2014)


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