The Online Contest Ideas Require Plenty of Thought to be Successful

Although taking a photo of yourself isn’t anything new, the concept of a “Selfie” are a fairly recent social phenomenon, yet they’re already one of the most popular contests in the world. Harsh Ajmera, owner of Digital Insights and contributor to Business 2 Community, lists five examples of selfie contests that made waves in social media from 2013 to 2014. Notable examples include those hosted by AXE and T-Mobile.

selfie contest

The key to their success? Selfies are literally everywhere:

Well it just doesn’t end there, your social networks are swarmed by selfies of friends, relatives and admit it; even you have taken a selfie and posted it on your social channels. Brands are not too far behind they have tapped in this craze and incorporated it in their campaigning efforts. Love them or hate them, selfies are here for now!

Harnessing the popularity of a well-known concept is one way businesses can come up with creative contest ideas of their own. However, simplicity is another factor they should take into account. Selfie contests work because many people simply love taking pictures of themselves. Regardless of the kind of contest they have in mind, businesses need the help of a contest management platform like Skild to organize and host such an event. After all, given that selfies are popular among teens and young adults, one can easily imagine the sheer volume of entries selfie contest organizers will have to process! The great thing about a platform offered by Skild, is that it can help to store the thousands of photo entries you receive. You can then assign photos to judges and create contest-judging tiers to make sure entries are properly considered.

Video contests are comparable in terms of scope and scale, although they’re more challenging to the contestants. Among other things, these contests require creativity, knowledge of video editing tools and techniques, and attention to detail. The same thing can be said, to a lesser extent, of essay contests.

Whatever contest idea they have in mind, though, organizers should also be mindful of potential legal issues to prevent any scuffles with the law. For instance, contest rules should be properly documented, particularly if the competition is open to anyone outside of the U.S. Even a contest platform provider like Skild would have to process these documents first before users can set up  online competitions.

In other words, a lot of work is involved in all kinds of competitions these days. What would appear to be an effortlessly popular and successful selfie contest is actually the result of extensive planning and careful execution.

(Source: 5 Selfie Contests That Truly Flashed on Social Media, Business 2 Community, August 26, 2014)


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