Building a Contest Platform—Three Recent Successful Ones to Learn From

Contests have been around long before the Internet was invented, but thanks to the proliferation of social media, they have evolved into something more than just a way to attract new customers and reward old ones. For one thing, they can now be an effective way to engage your audience. Also, thanks to social media, it’s now easier than ever to empower your consumers to market your contest for you.

the 30 most brilliant social media campaigns of 2014

Today, a growing number of online businesses are starting to use contests as a major marketing tool. Contests are certainly not the answer to every marketing challenge, but they are increasingly becoming a popular way to market because of the lucrative opportunities they present. Below are some of the most recent successful contests launched by their respective companies to enhance their brand marketing, as stated in an ExactTarget blog article by contributor Heike Young. Perhaps you can get some good ideas from them.

Qdoba’s Queso Showdown

On Facebook and Twitter, Qdoba queso eaters could vote for their favorite new Qdoba queso. A good, old-fashioned vote is one thing, but I appreciated how Qdoba updated the results in real-time over the contest. It shows fans they are still engaged with the effort, and generates more buzz and excitement around the whole endeavor.

“My Nat Geo Covershot”

Nat Geo launched a contest on Facebook where fans can experience the thrill of having their own photo on a National Geographic magazine. Fans simply upload their photos through Facebook, caption it, and then are entered to win a travel package.

Urban Decay’s Coachella-meets-cosmetics contest

Cosmetics purveyor Urban Decay created a Pinterest contest where users could create their own board with favorite festival looks, with a chance at winning festival tickets.

For many business owners, the prospect of running an online contest seems daunting. Even those who have embraced the Internet may still be reluctant to consider launching a contest because of concerns, such as the extensive research and planning needed. You need not worry too much, though—companies can build an effective online contest platform for you to further your marketing reach.

Contests can be an important part of an online marketer’s toolkit. The good news is that any business endeavor that markets to consumers can take advantage of contests to realize their marketing goals. Get in touch with a contest platform maker like Skild to ensure you create and implement the right contest for your needs.

(Source: The 30 Most Brilliant Social Media Campaigns of 2014 (So Far), ExactTarget, Apr. 28, 2014)


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