Using Contest Application Programs and Other Tips for Running Contests

These days, business owners have to make an effort in fighting for customers’ attention. One attention-grabbing strategy is to run a contest. writer Laura Schlereth shares the experience of one company who ran a contest to reinforce their brand.

3 tips for a successful contest to promote your business

The firm is well-known for their line of leather products marketed to a demographic with a sense of adventure. Thus, the company decided to hold a photo contest that asked individuals to submit pictures of themselves in exotic spots as they hold a branded saddleback bag. Needless to say, the company received lots and lots of entries and served as further testament on how leather products are perfect for those who love the Great Outdoors.

Business owners who are running contests for the first time can take a cue from this example, and launch one that specifically supports their brand. Here are a few useful tips to run a contest to build a brand, from choosing the contest application program to deciding on the reward:

Choose great prizes.

How do you choose the rewards for the winners? Most businesses will settle on giving away their very own products as prizes, and this is a good and cost-effective idea. Gift certificates redeemable at their business’ stores is another great one. Business owners can also consider giving the winners the gift of experience rather than products, like trips to a faraway destinations or a hotel stay.

Be clear with rules and mechanics.

When it comes to establishing contest rules, there is no room for error, otherwise, entrepreneurs will end up ruining their brand, rather than strengthening it. If a company targets a specific demographic, it’s fine to limit the contest to that particular market. If holding a photo contest, the company must set standards, like the images should be in jpg format and are no less than 1mb in size.

Decide which information to get from participants.

Business owners must be clear on how contestants can submit the entries. Do they e-mail it directly to a specific company e-mail or do they go through social media platforms? Do they have to register prior to submitting an entry, and which information should they be ready to give? All of these can be overwhelming, which is why it’s best for business owners to rely on a contest management software that can securely manage entries and participants’ info.

Running a contest to build a brand involves a lot of careful planning and decision-making, as well as the use of an effective contest software. Fortunately, contest specialists like the ones from Skild, Inc. can help out in several aspects: from defining the contest rules to design and monitoring of the contest platform.



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