Analytics Plays an Enormous Role in the Success of an Online Contest

If boosting your company’s online presence is a major goal for you, there are several strategies you can adopt to make this happen. An online contest is one of the most effective ways to catch the attention of your target audience and deliver the impact that you want to see. Meanwhile, analytics is a tool from which you can obtain plenty of useful information. You can then use the data to make modifications to your marketing strategies to achieve maximum benefits.

Marketing Analytics

About analytics

Analytics is important for evaluating how effective your contest has been; should you think it ideal to do the contest again, analytics will allow you to make the necessary adjustments for the next one. Holding an online contest is a great way to get yourself and your brand known, but without the right strategies created through the proper use of analytics, your efforts will be for naught.

A Fourth Source article by contributor and professional marketer Katherine Hulls discusses the relevance of analytics in today’s business environment:

Analytics is far from the heartland of traditional marketing activity for most organisations. Yet in an increasingly growth oriented economy where marketing is expected to step up and make measurable contributions and inform on-going strategy, analytics is becoming an essential component of the marketing skills base.

For any Marketing Manager trying to determine the direction of investment, creating the right data foundation has to be a priority. Without a solid data strategy in place, marketers face a long, difficult and tortuous path to achieve the required depth of customer understanding and quality of multichannel customer experience. With the right foundation, the organisation will be well placed to exploit a raft of innovative tools and techniques – from real time personalisation to sophisticated analytics.

What can analytics do for you?

Analytics can provide pertinent and specific data about the people who joined your contest, including how people view your event. Basically, it can present you with actual numbers on how well your contest did.

Combining contest with analytics

Contest management companies like Skild, Inc. can provide you with online contest analytics that you need to obtain accurate and reliable marketing data. With their help, you can build a truly beneficial online competition that would allow you to make adjustments to your strategies and, in the future, entice more people to join your contests.

(Source: The increasing importance of marketing analytics, Fourth Source, Jul 23, 2014)


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