Take Your Art Competition Online with Professional Contest Software

Take anything you could do in the real world, and you could probably find a digital counterpart for it online. From talking to a friend to going to the bank, so much of our lives has been converted, in some way, into a digital format.


The same can also be said for art competitions. As the Internet becomes more widely available and internet speeds rise, more and more organizations are taking their art competitions to the cloud, so to speak.

Take, for example, ArtStart, an initiative started by ArtPrize, an independently organized international art competition, to involve the youth in the art discussion. Open to anyone under the age of 18, the competition takes advantage of the Internet’s wide reach to get its message across to a larger audience.

ArtStart benefits from the support of the established ArtPrize organization. This makes the complexity of managing an online art competition much less of a burden, putting common tasks in the hands of people who are already familiar with the work required.

While other organizations might not have the same management and experience to back them up, setting up an online art competition is now made easier by professional contest software designed to simplify the task.

Platforms such as Skild, for example, have the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of contest types. Competitions can be set up to award winners based on public voting, jury selection, or other rule sets, and the process of collecting and publishing the competitions results is more or less automated.

To add to the backend capabilities of online competition software, many are also equipped to handle common tasks, such as marketing and PR, end-user support, and prize fulfilment. This drastically reduces the burden of contest organizers, allowing them to dedicate their time to other important tasks.

Running an art competition online and using a solution, like Skild, to simplify the process also has the added benefit of a smaller overhead, due to the lighter burden on staff and the smaller logistics cost.

Ultimately, taking your art competition online comes with many advantages that outweigh its few disadvantages, and if you haven’t yet considered doing so, it might be about time do just that.

(Source: ArtStart: ArtPrize launches online youth competition, MLive, September 24, 2014)


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