Using Contest Management Software for a Government’s Green Initiatives

State and federal agencies increasingly recognize deserving individuals or groups that have worthwhile eco-friendly initiatives or ideas. Using contest management software, these government leaders are making prizes or incentive challenges a part of their comprehensive programs to benefit the environment.

Climate Contest

Leaders to Look Up To

An upcoming project of the Obama administration aims to commend the green efforts of others. It plans to pay tribute to leaders or leading communities that actively engage in environment-friendly campaigns. Timothy Cama, reporter for The Hill, has more on the story:

The White House is preparing a contest to showcase local government efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the impacts of climate change.

“We’ll be announcing a new competition to identify and recognize climate leaders in cities, towns counties and tribal areas across the United States,” White House adviser John Podesta said Thursday at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.

“These climate leaders will showcase how local governments can take action both to reduce emissions and to build resistance to impacts, double down on community efforts by leveraging existing federal programs and marshaling private … resources to create a model for communities to follow,” he added.

Competitions like the one the White House is planning could use a sophisticated contest app like Skild, which is customizable to any agency’s branding strategy. Plus, it’s online, so it can be accessed easily by the public. The wide exposure given to the nominees and winners can provide them the much-deserved recognition. Additionally, it strengthens or extends the contest’s impact since others can use them as models.

Call for Eco-Friendly Techies

Government agencies can also use competitions to trigger the emergence of innovative technologies that will lessen the carbon footprint of specific institutions or whole industries. Participants can pitch an idea for a practical, earth-friendly device or machine through a proposal or a creative writing piece, and funds can be allotted to the winning entry for the actual manufacture of the device.

Turning “Trashy” into Classy

As an alternative, participants can recycle wastes or junk by turning them into luxury items, stylish accessories, and other high-profit products that can be a source of additional revenue for the agency. The public or a selected panel of experts can determine which project can significantly reduce the wastes of the locale or the country.

(Source: Obama to launch climate contest for cities, The Hill, September 4, 2014)


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