Skill-Based Business Competitions that Put Your Brand in the Spotlight

Sponsoring skill-based online contests has become a widely used marketing tool. Running business competitions of that nature (as opposed to random contests) allows you to promote brand awareness and to engage your consumers by letting them maximize their talents. However, you need an appealing and suitable theme or mechanics for the contest to attain its general goals. Here are some ideas that will put your brand in the spotlight:

Cash Awards

You can use your business line or location as the basis of your competition. Residents within your service area – who may also be your target market – can join. For instance, if you own a local museum, use a theme revolving around the rich history or culture of your particular town, city, or state, just like this one featured by the

Third through 12th graders from across the state have the chance to embrace their Oklahoma heritage by participating in the Oklahoma Heritage Association and Gaylord-Pickens Museum’s annual Heritage Week Competitions

Third through fifth graders compete in the poster competition in which they must depict an Oklahoman through art. Sixth through eighth graders compete in the essay competition in which they relate the importance of an individual from their county to their county’s history. Ninth through 12th graders compete in the video competition in which they select a native Oklahoman and depict his/her impact on the state through an original video documentary.

Likewise, you can capitalize on the creativity of your prospective customers to find unique, relevant, or innovative concepts for your products or services. Ask a general question like, “What would the smartphone of the future be able to do?” for gadget manufacturers, or create a specific subject, such as “Your Favorite Comfort Food” for restaurants. Take inspiration from the winning entries in developing or tweaking what you sell.

Alternatively, your competition can be aimed at improving company policies or operations. Your participants can come up with ideas on how to make your office space more flexible, how to improve your employees’ productivity, etc. The public can evaluate the entries and vote for their favorite, or carefully selected experts can serve as judges.

A customizable business contest platform like that of Skild, Inc. can accommodate these types of competitions – from the design phase and registration up to the determination of winners. The contest platform can be seamlessly integrated to your website, so your brand gets maximum exposure and users get a smooth experience.

(Source: Students encouraged to enter competitions for cash awards,, September 22, 2014)


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