Story-telling becomes a path for marketing success


Global cloud security firm, Trend Micro have announced Bernadette Harkin from Loreto College Cavan as the 2014 Overall School Winner and Johnathan Connolly from Tuam, Galway as the 2014 Overall Individual Winner of their “What’s Your Story” Competition, which encourages students and coders from primary and secondary schools to tell their digital success stories and promote online privacy.

The competition invites young people to become advocates of their own online message through a short 2 minute film or poster. Winners were shortlisted on the competition site through public voting where entrants were encouraged to use social media to spread their message and increase their chances of winning. This whole concept simply promotes the positive and safe use of technology and social media.

Stories and storytelling play a major role in today’s marketing environment. Case in point is the online contest that Trend Micro launched to attract people to tell their personal stories about online privacy. However, not all brands realize that stories are a brilliant way to endear new fans and inspire advocates. Unearthing your core story and inviting your audience to do the same makes for a compelling contest idea. Here’s why:

Stories are a way to share experiences

Experiences go far deeper than facts, figures, or features. They leave lasting impressions. By creating a story-based contest, you inspire your audience to participate in a competition that they won’t easily forget.

Stories are your emotional connection to customers

If it weren’t for stories, a company wouldn’t mean much to its audience. Stories create a real connection. Ask your fans to post stories about their individual and collective experiences about your product or service. It’s a way to create a rock-solid connection between what the company provides and the difference it’s making in the lives of your customers.

Stories can direct audience toward your goal

Stories have the inherent ability to move not only people’s hearts and minds, but their feet and wallets as well. Masterful storytellers can motivate fans to buy a product or use a service, creating valuable earned media.

If a story contest is one you would like to explore, seek help from companies like Skild, Inc. that have extensive background in turning smart and persuasive contest ideas such as this into reality.

(Source: Trend Micro Announces Winners of 2014 “What’s Your Story” Competition Promoting Digital Safety, Primary Times, July 2014)


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