And the award goes to…: Inspire your Audience with Grandeur

An event that shows recognition for outstanding members of a community is a breath of fresh air, something that the Enterprise Bank knows too well. Lowell Sun writer Brendan Lewis reports that the full-service commercial bank recently handed out awards to individuals and groups who displayed an admirable sense of community.


The Celebration of Excellence, emceed by Enterprise Bank CEO Jack Clancy, honored a host of individuals for awards such as the business of the year, educator of the year and nonprofit of the year.

But the crown jewel of the night certainly appeared to be the hour-long keynote address by Sal Giunta, the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War.

Holding an awards program is nothing new, but it is becoming rare as more companies launch customer-centered contests. What these businesses need to know is that they can raise their profile by hosting an awards program just as much as they would through a run-of-the-mill contest. If your business is planning to launch an awards program, here are things to keep in mind, including the award software features:

Identify the event’s focus.

Your business should establish a cornerstone on which to base the awards. Are you honoring people or groups for their environmental efforts? Are you recognizing businesses for their social or environmental responsibility? Having focus prevents the awards program from turning into a hodgepodge of categories that make it appear like it was launched on a whim.

Open the program for nominations.

Soliciting nominations enables audience engagement, raising the stakes even higher for the winners. Using an awards management platform, like the one Skild, Inc. offers, can help a business efficiently store and secure the data of the submitted nominations.

Provide easy access for judges.

An online contest software that allows judges to view nominees would be helpful. The program should also let them assign a rating to each nominee according to the specified criteria.

Divide program by phase.

After the nomination process, be clear in announcing the finalists. This way, both the nominees and the public have a way to keep themselves posted on the results. Ensuring transparency also shows that the selection process is fair and square.

Plan the awards presentation.

Set a budget, and determine where the ceremony will be held. Invite keynote speakers, and make sure the award recipients are well taken care of during the event.

Launching an awards program can help businesses establish credibility while enhancing their business profile at the same time. Using an efficient awards program software can ensure everything is in place, and the chosen winners are deserving.

(Source: Teamwork theme of Enterprise Excellence awards,, November 13, 2014)


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