Getting the Kids Involved makes Contest a Family Affair

Many of today’s huge businesses have plenty of marketing gimmicks up their sleeve to promote their products and services and take advantage of the holidays. So how can small businesses compete? It’s easy, according to guest blogger Rieva Lesonsky, who lists a few nifty tricks that small businesses can use. One of these is:


16. Capture customers through their kids. Hold a kids’ contest like a make-your-own-ornament contest or holiday coloring contest. Give a big prize or just give everyone small prizes, like candy canes.

Holding an art competition has always been popular with businesses intending to promote their brand. To add an exciting twist to this typical idea, businesses can specify that participants should submit artworks focusing solely on a Christmas theme. After the theme has been set, it’s time to find a quality contest platform for running the art competition effectively. Here are the components to look for:

Feature that limits one entry per person

Running an online contest is sometimes a double-edged sword since it makes submitting multiple entries easy. For fairness’ sake, businesses should choose an online contest platform that has a feature that restricts multiple entries from one sender. Have the participants complete a registration form and submit it along with their entry.

Accuracy to compute rating according to set criteria

Judging an artwork involves looking into several categories. As such, businesses should be clear with their criteria ahead of time and establish a rating system. Doing so will make it easy for judges to assign a score when judging the submitted entries. Afterward, the program should be able to compute the scores accurately to arrive at the overall grade.

Ability to consider judges’ score and public voting

Businesses that run contests as a promotional tool will benefit from having the public participate, rather than restricting the critique to just the judges. Having the public engaged makes things more exciting. The program or software should, therefore, also allow public voting, on top of the judges’ scores.

Holding art contests can help boost the profile of small businesses and put them on the same level as the more established businesses. It’s important, though, that contests run smoothly. Turning to contest software providers like Skild, Inc. can help businesses run successful holiday-themed art competitions.

(Source: 33 Creative Ideas for Small Business Holiday Marketing,, October 7, 2014)


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