Contest Management Software Essential for Video Contests

Video contests are one of the most compelling marketing tools today. Harnessing the power of social media and exploring the creativity of an audience, a video contest can reach masses to promote a brand, sometimes even making it a household name. As a marketer or public relations representative, you can satisfy the objectives of your clients with stellar results.

Even the First Lady knows the strong impact that video contests can bring, as her past participation with Skild competition management systems successfully put into motion the Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP)  in 2012. ASAP was a video competition project that worked with Child Obesity 180 and Tufts University to inspire children to get more physically active.


In fact, Michelle Obama recently launched two challenges for high school and college students in support of her Reach Higher Initiative. The prize will be her attendance and a speech in their graduation ceremonies in the spring of 2015. The Edvocate details more about the contests:

To enter the first contest, high school students, teachers and administrators make a video that encourages students to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The Near-Peer Mentoring College Challenge, which is the second contest, urges college officials and student groups to submit a video that illustrates both college immersion and peer-mentoring programs available on campuses for incoming students, particularly those from underprivileged communities.

To be considered, contestants are required to upload their efforts to Vimeo or YouTube. They are also encouraged to post their video on social media sites and use #ReachHigher.

In running a video contest like this where you can expect hundreds—if not thousands—of participants and supporters, you need a convenient contest management software to make processes more efficient. From setting up and launching the challenge to the judging and awarding of winners, you have to be organized and on track with the client’s core objectives to have a successful contest.

The outpouring of entries (and votes or shares, if that’s how winners will be determined) may be overwhelming, especially when you use YouTube, which gets one-fifth of total mobile internet traffic. The same is true if your client will be giving amazing prizes to winners, or if the subject of the contest is something a wide range of people are interested in (e.g. pets, babies).

A highly experienced contest application provider like Skild, Inc. can deliver the solutions you need to conceptualize and manage effective video challenges. Whether the contest will be for a single client, or it will be replicated and customized for others, you can count on the contest management experts to provide advice and the necessary technology to efficiently run your video competitions.



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