Brewing Skill-Based Business Competitions: Tips for Public Voting

In brewing a business competition, several organizations want consumers to be the judge. It’s just practical to have entries up for public voting, especially if the competition will be similar to that of the beer manufacturer Sam Adams and the business magazine Entrepreneur. In their contest, participants are required to pitch for the next great food business in the country. Since the hype on food and beverage brands are heavily influenced by consumers, it’s only natural that the consumers decide which pitch seems the most interesting or which one they would most likely be a patron of.


Entrepreneur has partnered with beer-maker Sam Adams in Brewing the American Dream, a national pitchroom contest where one lucky small business owner will claim an impressive grand prize: a game-changing $10,000 business grant and mentoring from top execs in the food industry.
Entrepreneur has created a virtual pitch room to help select a Wild Card Winner who will travel to New York City to compete for the grand prize against regional Pitch Room finalists from Boston, Chicago, Denver and New York in a live throwdown December 4.

This contest would be a good guide or inspiration in creating your own skill-based business competitions. You could use online platforms to have participants register, gather entries, and have your audience vote for their favorite. The virtual phases of your contest can be a preliminary to your live main event, so it also serves to market the upcoming occasion.

Alternatively, your whole contest can take place online and be integrated to your company website to increase your web traffic and leads. You can encourage the participants and their supporters to share the contest or the creative entries to achieve this goal even sooner. Like the Sam Adams and Entrepreneur contest, you can require voters to leave simple contact information like their email address, and get their permission to be added to your company mailing list or newsletter.

Your contest can also consist of a series of challenges, where participants can be eliminated one by one. Entries can be sent and uploaded weekly, and the public can vote until the deadline is reached.

Of course, this has to be a structured and transparent business contest where you keep submissions and votes in check and revealed to the audience, so they’ll know how winners were picked. An innovative contest platform like Skild allows you to have optimal control over your business competition.

(Source: The Finalists Are In: Cast Your Vote for the Next Great Food Business?, Entrepreneur, November 4, 2014)


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