Three Tips for Creating an Amazing Online Contest Via Social Media

Social media is the perfect format for engaging your audience in an exciting way. Because social media connects on a personal level, it’s the perfect opportunity to pull an audience in without using cheesy sales tactics. There are dozens of ways to get your brand out into the world, and using an online contest via social media is essentially a sure thing for engagement. When social media users engage in a contest, they remember your brand, and the word of mouth traffic can be unmatched. There are a few simple things to remember when running an online contest through social media platforms.

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Social Media Contest

Creativity Counts

There’s one thing about online contests that should not be overlooked: they’re fun. They’re not only fun for those who participate, but fun for those who create them as well. The most wonderful thing about the Internet these days is the opportunity, need and marketing benefits of user generated content. Millions of social media users have the drive and urge to get creative- and they’ll happily get creative on your brand’s behalf. When coming up with a contest idea, the sky is the limit. You can ask users for videos, photos, inventions, drawings and all of this can be achieved on a large or small scale. Utilize the creativity of your audience by being creative yourself. A creative, thoughtful online contest idea will yield better results.

Post it Everywhere

A great online contest can go viral. That’s why it’s important to utilize all of your social media channels, and the Internet as a whole. Don’t stop at Facebook and Twitter; take advantage of the audiences on Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube and wherever else it fits. And, despite it being designed for social media, that doesn’t mean you can’t post on your company blog, website, and even in print form. If you have an e-mail newsletter, attach the content application. Getting the word out will build buzz, help you get likes, shares, mentions and give your contest a better chance at going viral.

Finish Big

Each person who fills out a contest app will not expect to win, but they’ll remember the contest, and thus your brand, regardless of that. Even those who do not win will want to see the winner, and they’ll check back to your social media pages regularly in hopes of seeing the results. Do not let your contest drag on too long, make appropriate and reasonable deadlines and make sure the prize is worthwhile. Give your winner plenty of love via all the social media outlets and show all the participants how much you appreciate them. After it’s over, track and measure the results. Take note of what works, the engagement received, and know what to do different next time.

An online contest via social media can build brand engagement in an incredibly fun way. Be creative, post it everywhere and make a big finish and you’re contest can garner amazing results.

(Source: 5 Tips for Creating a Successful Social Media Contest Mashable.Com)


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