The band “They Might Be Giants” really know about contest management!

The bounds of creativity have never been a problem for the following band. They Might Be Giants have been at the forefront musical and creative genius since the early 80’s and look to continue the practice of envelope pushing for years to come. The one secret to an artist’s commercial longevity has a lot to do with their ability to evolve with the times. Few musical acts have been able to traverse the ever-changing digital landscape like TMBG.

Their willingness to engage and interact with their audience is what allows them to stay relevant. Currently, the bands “Dial-A-Song” project is sponsoring its first video contest for the song “ERASE.” Last year TMBG commissioned the public to shoot a video for its song “AM I AWAKE?” The results were absolutely astounding. Garnering entries from around the world, the band picked its top three and had the public vote on which on they should use. They then posted the videos on all of their social networking outlets, which droves downloads through the roof. What a great way to get the “buzz” going about a product.

Here are a few rules of what TMBG are looking for:

“Poetry, not prose.
If there is a story, have an ending. Don’t feel compelled to illustrate the lyric, but use the lyric as a springboard for your concept. If you do illustrate the words, figure out a way to avoid doing it at the moment they are sung — the see/say can feel dumpy.”

“It can work many ways: beautiful, startling, bold, stylish, contemporary, psychedelic, mind-bending. Transparency effects are nice, motion graphics can be exciting. Live action, animation, multi-media — anything is possible! Express YOURSELF in your favorite medium.”

“If there is any humor we would suggest it should be the deadest of the deadpan.
The topic should not be John and John, and representations of the band are discouraged. All imagery must be original. Incorporating copyrighted images will disqualify your work.”

Contest management and competition management through competition software like Skild, are one of the best ways to run a successful campaign. When it comes to executing an affective publicity drive on the Internet, organization and functionality are thee most important aspects of your project.  Don’t let the reason of site-dysfunction be the excuse for a potential customer or participant to move along, especially during this age of shorter attention spans.

Source ( – Announcing the Erase video contest – January 20th 2015)


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