Having a business contest is the best way to engage after the sale!

When thinking of new ways to engage your customer base, sometimes it’s a matter of perception. Do you view the folks that purchase you product as consumers only? Do you see them as a resource beyond their dollars? As business owners or even non-profit board members, it’s often easy to lose sight of the true power your following has. Maybe instead of viewing your supporters as customers only, trying thinking of them as an interactive audience.

12 ideas to help

Most professional opportunities are missed because a lack of availability or interaction. The saying “out of sight – out of mind,” has huge consequences, especially for the group that finds itself forgotten. So the question is, “How can I interact with my supporters in the most memorable way possible?” Remember, most people learn and effectively retain information through “hands-on” activities.

What sort of business competitions or business contest practices can you employ to make the most of your influence? Video contests that are powered by Skild software are the leading way to not only get the creative juices flowing, but also to give your audience something worth watching.

Here are few tips on how to incorporate video contests to help promote your message:

Talent contests:

Incite your customer/audience base to share their talents. Everybody wants to be recognized for his or her passion, so why not be the conduit to make that happen? Say your company needs a jingle. That would be a great opportunity to put the call out for all of your customers with musical talent. Not only will you get a custom song that will help brand your business, you will also set the Internet afire with a buzz about your business. Plus the process of finding the perfect jingle is great entertainment for everyone involved.

Promote the event of others:

By not only focusing on your specific message, find other partner business events to showcase. With the help of a like-minded business, maybe come up with some sort of cross-promotional event. Doing so will show that you and your company are not just out for yourself.  Also by working with others, you never know what sort of networking opportunities may arise. Synergy is key to growth and expansion.

Source (12 ideas to help you carry out successful video contests – Easypromosapp.com – June 13th, 2014)


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