Competition platforms may be the best way to make your customer stick with you.

The biggest part of having an Internet presence is to have something worthwhile to look at. Just offering a website with pretty colors and mundane information just simply isn’t enough. Perhaps you’ve reached a little bit further than purchasing a URL. Maybe you’ve gone the extra mile and signed up for all the necessary social media outlets. Sure, tweets have been sent, Facebook posts have been shared and your Tumblr account is laid out perfectly. All of these entities are great to have, however, the one question you need to ask is, “What are they doing to keep customers engaged?”

12 Tips to Running a Winning Social Media Contest

Are all of you properties doing more than just “pushing” you goods? Or are they doing anything to interact with the customer? Showing that your company is willing to interact without seeming too eager to push products is what gains the trust of the buyer. Just think of all the times you’ve been entertained by a T.V. commercial. Without bragging about its product or hard selling through guilt, they were able to put out quality content that sticks with the viewer.

With sites like the aforementioned Facebook and Twitter, there are a ton of things that you can do to stay in your customers memory for the long run. There are also a lot of competition platforms for online contest management, like Skild, that can help you run the most effective, well-organized campaign outside of the realms of social media.

Launching contests from your social media platforms are a great way to break up the monotony that customers are used to seeing. It really is refreshing to feel interacted with when being sold. The customer not only needs to believe in the product, but they also need have faith in the company they are purchasing from. The more communication, the more likely they are to be a return customer.

Before launching an online contest, knowing exactly what you want your results to be is imperative. Just throwing money and time into maintaining a presence will end up burning you and your staff out. Whether it be to get people in the door or to just boost your online following, make sure you have something measurable to look forward to.

(12 Tips to Running a Winning Social Media Contest – – June 16th 2014)


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