Innovative award software always pairs well with invention challenges.

Although we don’t know whom the originator of the famous “necessity is the mother invention,” proverb is, we do know that the truth of it still rings true. It might not be on the level of the Industrial Revolution, but there are plenty of industries out there that always have an open ear when it comes to a new “invention” to bring better efficiency to the table.


The Cade Museum Foundation, which is named after Dr. J. Robert Cade, who is most famous for inventing Gatorade, is a foundation that hinges it’s mission statement around providing belief in “…the Power of a Great Idea!”

Every year since 2010 the Cade Museum Foundation has held the Cade Museum Prize that encourages inventors to compete for the chance to win $50,000 in seed money and publicity. Last year’s winner was an organization called NEWgenerator, who invented a biotech machine that turns waste product into fertilizer, renewable energy and clean water.

“The NEWgenerator technology uses microbes to break down waste and is different than typical wastewater treatments because it recoups what other methods cast off.  Byproducts such as nitrogen and phosphorous can be harvested as fertilizers, and the clean water can be used for irrigation or other applications. Also, Yeh’s invention requires little energy to use, and it actually creates energy as methane gas.  The entire process is net energy positive, which means it generates more energy than it consumes.”

The Cade Museum’s process of picking the winner is based on three main attributes:

  1. How innovative in the idea?
  2. What is the potential impact if the idea becomes a successful invention?
  3. Does the invention have market credibility?

This year’s Cade Museum Prize competition platform is being sponsored by Skild. Skild’s innovative competition software is revolutionary in itself as it works in allowing the competition’s judges to efficiently manage the hundreds of entries that come in every year.  How ironic is it that one of the world’s most innovative award software is the backbone of the nation’s leading invention contest? This year’s winner of the Cade Museum Prize will be announced later this summer.



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