Creative online contest ideas aim to make you safer in a house fire!

There is no better group or demographic to engage and mobilize than the youngsters. As cliché as it sounds, the youth of our nation actually are our future. So, it’s important for those that oversee our young, to make sure any suggestions and influence they currently have, is directed in a positive direction. Nobody knows this better than Project Paradigm and the American Red Cross.

Project Paradigm is a private foundation that works with the Red Cross to inspire youth to affect positive change in the world. The Paradigm Challenge is in its first year and looks to generate new ideas to prevent injuries and fatalities caused by home fires. House fires are the number one disaster threat in the United States. Making sure everyone in the home has a plan when it comes to house fires will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful escape. Participants form ages 7 to 18 are asked on a monthly basis, to take part in challenges that relate to fire safety.

During the month of March, Project Paradigm has launched an “Invent A Detector Character,” challenge, which encourages participants to design and create a fun name for a smoke detector, while thinking of ways to remember to test the detector. Each participant will upload their image onto the site and have their friends and family vote on the best one. A group of 10-winners will be announced at the end of the month and be awarded cash prizes, ranging from $100 for the 6th-10th place winners, to $1000 the 1st place finisher.

Project Paradigm’s contest ideas throughout the year, are powered by Skild competition management. In the coming months Project Paradigm looks to utilize various video contests to promote fire safety in the home.  Having efficient contest management software is imperative to managing successful online contests of any size. Whether it’s a national video contest or the need for a platform for judges to go to score entries, Skild is a great choice in either scenario. Online contests are the leading way to engage our nations youth into creating a better, safer tomorrow.


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