Contest applications are all about customer engagement and retention

The first thought of any business or organization should be how to reach the most amounts of people in the most efficient manner possible. Sometimes just having an amazing product isn’t enough. Although your product may be the best thing since the last best thing, it doesn’t mean the masses are going to pick up on it. Sometimes in order to be discovered you must first put yourself out there enough to be discovered.

Sticking too close to your old system can hinder you as well. Just because your approach may have worked for the past twenty years doesn’t mean it’s going to work for the next twenty…or even two. Technology makes amazing strides on an almost daily basis, which changes the way we receive and exchange information. Being on board with those changes is only going to help your business.

Recently, the Girl Scouts of Connecticut have gone one step further in making their message more available to the masses. While already a popular organization, the Girl Scouts have launched an online video contest with the aim of sharing how being a part of its organization has changed the lives of participants.

Mary Barneby, CEO of Girl Scouts of Connecticut has launched a joint initiative from the Girl Scouts and Frontier Communication the “Tell Your Girl Scout Story,” online video contest, where participants will share how the Girl Scouts have supported them in the areas of leadership, technology and community. The videos are expected to be no longer than 5-minutes and can be as simple as shooting with a cell phone.

The Girl Scouts are a perfect example of having a successful brand that doesn’t ignore technological change. Customer retention isn’t always guaranteed. There are plenty of businesses out there with subpar products that are making headway because of its willingness to embrace new technologies. Don’t allow your business to get too comfortable with the old way of doing things.

There are many ways to engage your customers in meaningful ways. Using Skild’s contest app is a great way to manage whatever type of online competition your company would like to launch. Having a reliable contest application is the best way to ensure your competition or campaign is successful.

Source (“Tell Your Girl Scouts Story” Video Contest – March 8, 2015 –


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