Keeping your idea contest organized is key to running a good campaign.

Innovations are what are needed to keep a brand relevant. Even if the brand’s product isn’t necessarily dependent on having to keep up with technology, the message of it is. The way you sold your product 10-years ago is probably a lot different than you sell it now. Your original audience has changed; they’re older now. And now, new crops of consumers are crossing the lines and are ready to start consuming.

Just like the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” ideal, the same goes for consumers and businesses. Except this time “Businesses are from Earth and Consumers are from Earth, Mars, Venus, the Moon ect… You, as a business owner need to be able speak to an ever-changing demographics. So how do you speak to both groups? Just ask them.

Using your position as a manufacturer of products puts you in a wonderful position of having something to sell. And you can put your product in so many different hands that will sell it for you. By doing something as easy as an idea contest online or just giving your product out to be review can change a group of wonderers into a frenzy of talkers…which leads to an army of buyers.

Let’s take a look at the popular toy car brand, Hot Wheels. Currently it is running an online video contest, in which its customers are asked to encompass the experience of what it’s like to play with Hot Wheels, from the perspective of a little boy. Not only is this contest geared at little boys, but it’s also being used as a reminder to the grown up “little boys” about how great the brand is. It’s tapping into a market of folks that may have forgotten about them long ago, while using them as a marketing tool.

An online video contest is a great way to engage all walks of life. Using online software like Skild is also a great way to help manage such a contest. Having a foundation to keep your idea contest organized is key to running a successful marketing campaign.


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