Rule Breakers know the importance of using a competition platform.

In business, the phrase “Rules are meant to be broken,” is one that isn’t always received too well. If you are a business owner, the “rules” are sometimes put into place because, well, they need to be. Rules come about because it will protect a business from failure. But sometimes, when too much red tape gets involved, the business may become hindered in its evolution, which then leads to inevitable “out-of-the-box thinking or “rule-breaking.” Without some rule-breaking or at least bending, it’s safe to say that innovation will always take a back seat.

The truth is, that changing things up every once in awhile isn’t a bad thing. With all the variables and changes that the business markets bring, rule breaking is what’s needed to further the company and break it out of old ways of thinking. Lucky, there’s an annual competition that celebrates those “misfits of industry” by honoring them for their willingness to step outside the norm called The Rule Breaker Awards.

The Rule Breaker Awards celebrate the success of business owners who do things “their way.” Using Skild competition software the RBA keeps track of all of the nominations. The award software allows judges to go in and evaluate all of the business’ profiles to find which ones have made the best progress outside of tradition business practices. Last year’s awards honored 17 entrepreneurs in five different categories, technology, retail, manufacturing, food/restaurant and service.

One of the standouts in 2014 was a plumbing, waterproofing and HVAC company that won an award for “upping” its customer service practices beyond what is expected in that industry.  In doing so, the company set new rules in customer care.

Another example of amazing progress was Shelley Armato, President and CEO of MySmartPlans, who broke the rules when she introduced revolutionary technology into construction sites to increase accountability and reduce chaos.  Her business was started in a garage with $15,000. Today, MySmartPlans manages $9 billion in project assets in 27 states.

Competition platforms like this are what drive innovation in all industries. When industry prospers, so do the benefits of consumers. As more and more rule breakers lead their companies into more efficient practices, the everyday products and services we consume will become increasingly more valuable and relevant. Currently RBA is the midst of holding its 2015 nominations and looks to be honoring businesses across the nation later this year, at the end of July.

Source (Live Awards Coverage: Meet a Few Rule Breakers – July 15th, 2015 – Small Business Trends)


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