Customer interactions though contest ideas help keep customers put.

The bottom line of any business is customer retention. The good news is, is that there are many ways to do that…and it’s pretty simple. Something as easy as being available with a call center around the clock is a great way to allow your customers to be in constant contact with your company. But it’s not only about being available to them, a lot of successful companies have employed interactive techniques to stay relevant in their customers’ minds and lives.

Think about it this way. Let’s say you’re in a conversation where you’re doing all of the talking. As much as we love to hear the sound of our won voices, after a while we will run out of things to say. It’s very easy to become complacent when all of the interaction is one-sided. So, in the spirit of connectivity, here’s a few ways to become more, well, connected and interactive with your customer.

Come up with a few contest ideas

Try to figure out a few giveaways that you can launch through your social media channels. People love free stuff. Also, try and honor your loyal following with incentives to continue to keep them interacting with your products or services.

Make them a part of the team

Using an online competition management software like Skild, to hold a logo design to tee shirt design contest is a great way to get folks involved. Tapping into the creativity of your following will make them feel a part of your brand. Having a good contest management system will ensure that your campaign is a success.  Maybe you could reach out and ask people to submit a video about how they use your product. Enlisting people that know your product are the best ones to spread the word about how great your product or services are.

Personal follow up

There is nothing less personal than getting a generic postcard in the mail. Something as simple as a mention on social media makes your customer base feel like they are appreciated. In fact, getting an automated phone call or any name/faceless interaction could hurt you more than it can help.


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